Hand Made Jewellery & Art designed and made in Dartmoor

About ValerieLinda…

ValerieLinda creates jewellery and artwork from her small studio in Dartmoor where she lives drawing her inspiration from the spiritual environment and natural elements around her. From the dramatic landscapes, geology & precious ecosystems existing on Dartmoor. The atmospheric mists & reflective waters, fabulous flora & fauna, down to the minute Fungi, Lichen, Mosses & Ferns.

Her unique style of jewellery, from Glass to Silver, Copper & Bronze and artwork both reflect long ancient folklore and worked history of Dartmoor. Incorporating the natural rocks, lichens, colours, textures and shapes of this stunning area of the world. From hand gathered Dartmoor shiny ores & granites to leaves, acorn cups & lichen which form subjects for shapes and patterns. Taking us on a journey through the ambiance of the magical woodlands with dripping lichen, interlaced by romantic rivers, streams and waterfalls, displayed through every changing light, seasons and patterns in nature. Creatively reflected in her art, glass and silver jewellery.

Her photographic artworks bring often overlooked charms of Dartmoor into our homes so that they can be enjoyed forever and her hand made jewellery make wonderful gifts.

She has a keen interest in ecology & the natural world. Her themes also encompass & expose adverse anthropogenic impacts upon this precious environment and its’ ecosystems. She recycles glass to incorporate into many of her sun catchers, jewellery and beads and progressively sources locally produced findings if not able to make herself.

Holding a complimentary mix of skills with a degree in Environmental Geology and various qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography & Silver Jewellery. When not designing & making, she runs workshops and 1-1 tuition on various jewellery themes. Please see her website for news on any upcoming courses and releases of new jewellery designs.

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