We always have loads of attractions to keep you entertained through the whole day, with our focus being on audience participation.

Every year we aim to bring new attractions to the show, especially those who are new and exciting. This policy often results in some quirky and downright eccentric proposals, which only add to the fun and entertainment.

Are you an budding entertainer who has an idea? Then head to the ‘About us’ page where you will find our contact details.

Confirmed attractions attending in 2024 are….

Dartmoor National Park Authority

The Dartmoor National Park Authority is the body with wide powers over Dartmoor, including Lustleigh, and they are responsible for

Dartmoor National Trust

The Dartmoor National Trust has been helping preserve our national heritage since 1895, and across the country manages over 500

Newton Abbot Metal Detecting Club

History Beneath Our Feet About the Newton Abbot Metal Detecting Club… The Newton Abbot Metal Detecting Club is a vibrant

Lily Warne Wool

About Lily Warne… Lily Warne Wool is a mother and son partnership founded and based at Twig Farm, our small

Dartmoor Preservation Association

The Dartmoor Preservation Association (DPA) was founded in 1883 to help look after Dartmoor – an area in south-west England

Kelly Mine Preservation Society

Kelly Mine is a Devon iron mine situated on the eastern flank of Dartmoor near Lustleigh. The mine worked deposits

Tossing the Sheaf…

For those of you who don’t know what Sheaf Tossing is (it is not SHEEP Tossing which it is commonly

Circus into Schools

Circus Skills Activities for Children and Families About Circus into Schools… Circus Into Schools provide a vast array of Fun

Animal Encounters

Come and meet a range of exotic creatures with Chris Johnson from South West Animal Services.   You could have
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