Jacqueline Seviour Handmade Glass

Handmade Glass Inspired by Dartmoor

About Jacqueline Seviour…

I am a local glassmaker inspired by my surroundings. I live on Dartmoor and regularly visit Devon’s north and south coasts.

My handmade glass pendants incorporate up to four layers of glass, with many elements separately made through various techniques and processes using sheet glass, crushed glass, powdered glass, and enamels. There is a need for multiple firings as glass can be easily stressed. The glass is then pressed to reduce the thickness, cold-worked, fire-polished and finished with a sterling silver bail to create an individual-named piece of artisan jewellery.

Glass is a perfect medium to interpret the local landscape as it can capture the depth and the beauty of the season’s transitions and how the weather changes and transforms the colours and light. The processes and techniques are endless, along with the complexity glass brings. The mix of science and art nurtures my passion, creativity, and curiosity to hone my skills as a maker.

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