Devon Wildlife Trust

The Devon Wildlife Trust are the local charity working to protect our county’s wildlife and habitats.  They’ll be at the Lustleigh Show talking about their work in the community.

Devon Wildlife Trust say…

We are the only charity working exclusively to protect our county’s wildlife and habitats, and have been doing so since 1962. 

Some of the most endangered species in Europe are found in Devon, and our work is vital to their conservation. • We are responsible for some 50 nature reserves around the county, wildlife havens that will remain safe and protected for future generations.  

We have lost incredible amounts of our wildlife. Species which once thrived in Devon have gone; many others which were commonplace are now rare. We need urgent change. It is time to put nature into recovery. We need to restore what has been lost and we need to do this on a grand scale.

This means being bold: restoring degraded landscapes and seas, recreating wildlife habitat, reintroducing key species that have become locally extinct and properly protecting what we still have. Everyone can play a role in nature’s recovery and this is where our work starts – shoulder to shoulder with all who love Devon and its wildlife.

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