Dartmoor National Park Authority

The Dartmoor National Park Authority is the body with wide powers over Dartmoor, including Lustleigh, and they are responsible for maintaining our unique national park character.

Dartmoor National Park Authority says…

Dartmoor National Park Authority is a special purpose local authority created under the Environment Act 1995. The Authority is a freestanding local authority and is governed by 19 appointed members.

The Authority exists to secure for the public good the conservation,  enhancement, enjoyment and understanding of the special qualities of Dartmoor, its landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage.

We work in partnership with a wide range of local and national stakeholders and look to support Dartmoor’s businesses and communities as we deliver National Park purposes. As part of our engagement with residents, visitors and the wider community the DNPA operates an outreach vehicle which we can take to local shows and events or deploy to heavily used recreational sites on Dartmoor.

Local shows are normally attended by the Area Ranger for that community which for Lustleigh is Simon Lee. We carry a range of free information which may be of interest to residents and visitors alike and Simon is on hand to answer your questions about the National Park.

Find out more…

Visit the DNPA website.




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