Food and Drink

World Food

Persian, saffron, chicken, lamb kebab or vegan falafel served with huge range of salads all stuffed in a freshly baked traditional flat bread.


Sustainable, local, fresh & stylish are just a few of the words that we would use to describe our business. We are focused on providing ‘perfection’ for any event; whether a street event food, a music festival, a university graduation or a wedding. We pay the fullest attention to every detail and give the whole event our full dedication.

About Edmond…

Edmond Davari is an award winning restauranteur & businessman who has been involved in revolutionary dining experiences in the South West of England since 1984. Having spent 4 years in the top catering job in the Theatre Royal Plymouth Edmond went on to launch the first Mexican restaurant this side of Bristol, since then Edmond’s name has been associated with some of the finest eateries in the area, such as; Lorenzo’s, Papa Joe’s, The Painter, Cuba, The Souk, Zucca, Asia Chic & Rocco y Lola to name just a few.

Many awards have been won in recent years by Edmond with the most recent being ‘Hospitality & Tourism Business 2012′ and then “Businessman of the Year 2013′. These awards were awarded for contribution Edmond has made to the City of Plymouth over many years and we hope for many more in the coming years too.

Edmond has now entered a new chapter in his life and Main Event Catering SW is the most recent journey that Edmond wants to put his stamp on.

More about us…

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