Shaldon Wildlife Trust

We look after, and help preserve, some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the world.

About Shaldon Wildlife Trust…

Shaldon Wildlife Trust is an internationally regarded zoo based in the village of Shaldon, Devon. At just 2 acres in size, it is one of the smallest zoological institutions in Europe but is well known for its work breeding rare and endangered species and for supporting conservation work overseas.

The charities objectives are to promote for the benefit of the public the preservation and conservation of rare and endangered species together with plants and trees. The charity also aims to advance the education of the public about such endangered species and to conduct research throughout the world and publish reports and findings.

We will have an interactive game with us demonstrating about decomposition and the effect on the environment; the feedback from this interactive game from both adults & kids has been very positive.

We will have stock from our gift shop to sell, just small items, like pencils, pens, pads, mugs etc. Our main reason to attend these events is to give out leaflets to the public and tell them all about us and the work we do for conservation. Depending on space, we may also highlight the work we are doing to grow our own food for the animals, by having our own allotments. In the past we have had stalls where we can sell plants and vegetables, and also jams, chutneys etc made from the vegetables grown for us. We have also included a chance for children to plant their own seed and take it home.

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