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About LADS…

The Lustleigh Association of Drivers (LADS) are a volunteer group of some 20 Lustleigh residents, who help provide mobility to those most in need in our rural community.

Whilst the LADS accept voluntary contributions from service users, this is for those most in need, and the group relies on external funding to keep offering this vital service.


Dedicated community transport volunteers and staff from across the county have been presented with prestigious awards amongst which was LADS Manager Helen Dray.

“Helen Dray has performed an outstanding role over the past ten years in organising transport for all those in our community who for whatever reason are unable to drive.

Ever willing and ever helpful and through her friendly approach she manages our band of volunteer drivers. At no time has anyone missed an appointment due to a lack of transport.

An essential part of her role is maintaining this network of volunteers who through her relationship are fully prepared to give up their time in providing this service.

She has been the mainstay of our charitable association for ten years and has carried on her role despite ill health and the loss of her husband three years ago. This is “beyond the call of duty”!

“She enjoys her role and quietly gets on with it”.

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