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At Four Elements we are so passionate about what we do everyday. We work closely with farmers and local fishermen to bring the best produce to every dish we serve. 

Our team is highly experienced and well travelled with 45 years of experience. We believe that the essence of the perfect plate of food is to use the very best of local and sustainable ingredients.

Throughout our careers in the professional kitchen environment we have seen the ingression of modern techniques and additives. We believe that traditional smoking and curing methods shouldn’t be forgotten and should be brought forward and celebrated more today.

Why Four Elements?

The Four Elements are important to us on two levels.  As chefs they provide us with all the tools we require to keep you  satisfied and  they also inspire us to work in an ethical and responsible way.

  1. Earth-  we must look after our planet and respect it for all it provides for us, Our team is continually looking for ways of providing a service and  making as little impact as we can.  
  2. Water- making our oceans, seas,  rivers a better and more sustainable environments is one of our key objectives. We only use sustainable seafood and our packaging is eco friendly to minimalise our footprint. 
  3. Air-is a fundamental part of our business it provides us with some delicious wild game birds. It’s in our cooking methods in the form of smoke, the right wood paired with the right ingredients are the essential key to our success.
  4. Fire- is our energy, as the old saying goes: ‘THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE!’

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