Emma’s Soap with Make A Change

Handmade Natural Ethical Soap

About Emma’s Soap…

Based on Dartmoor Emma’s Soap is all hand made using ecological and natural oils, the finest grade, extra virgin, first pressing, Organic and unrefined. Nothing else is added, no petroleum or mineral oils, no artificial fragrances or colours no preservatives and No Palm Oil. Just a bar of oils and butters. Wrapped in Organic fair trade cotton, a reusable packaging. Emma’s Soap is presented with zero to landfill waste as all the packaging can be reused, recycled or composted. And its good for your skin too.

Following her principles and ethos Emma’s sister company – Make a Change, the sustainable choice, concept is about bringing affordable, environmentally friendly products to you the consumer allowing you to make realistic affordable changes in your home and garden, whilst encouraging new habits to commit to permanent ecological change.

We are all individually responsible for our actions, consumption and waste. The consequential impact from our decisions on the environment, damage we directly cause to our planet.

Truly honest green credentials, Make a Change with Emma’s Soap

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