Dartmoor Invasives Project

Tackling invasive plants on Dartmoor.

About the Dartmoor Invasives Project…

The Dartmoor Invasives Project has been operating in three river catchments on Dartmoor including on the River Wrey in and around Lustleigh for five years and has been concentrating on the eradication of Himalayan balsam and the so-called ‘American skunk cabbage’.

The project was set up by the Dartmoor National Park Authority and has been supported by a partnership with South West Water and latterly with the Duchy of Cornwall as well.

At the stall we will be available to answer questions on invasives non-native species and advise on suitable remedies for unwanted species. There will be a rogues’ gallery of invasive non-native species pictures to help people identify the problem ones.

There will also be an open drawing ‘competition’ for children with small prizes for their drawing efforts.

More about the Dartmoor Invasives Project…

Visit the DNPA website – Invasives Plants Project