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Lustleigh Cricket Club get help towards changing rooms

The Lustleigh Show has helped to support Lustleigh Cricket Club over many years in their quest towards providing better facilities and grounds required by their increasing success.

The Lustleigh Cricket Club pitch was described by Peter O’Toole as “A lovely little ground in a lovely little South Devon village. The ground is surrounded by trees, with hills on one side and Dartmoor on another. The river Wrey meanders along one side. It is a small ground so a big hit easily clears the river. The Cleave pub is just twenty yards from the entrance gate so it’s hard to know what else a cricketer could want from this delightful ground”.

Now, as Girls’ Cricket is becoming ever more popular, dedicated changing rooms are now a necessity rather then a luxury.

This space will also double up as an Umpires Room, when playing senior match team leagues.

Find out more about Lustleigh Cricket Club…

Visit the Lustleigh Cricket Club website.

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