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Lustleigh Community Archives – additional storage and archive signage

The Archives of Lustleigh, located in the Old Vestry, provides an important insight into the development of a village situated on the edge of Dartmoor.

The Lustleigh Show i delighted to be able to provide funding to the Archives for the following items:

Archive Storage…

When the Lustleigh Community Archive opened its doors in 2009, the society endeavoured to ensure that the storage of the collection was housed in (affordable) archive standard boxes and folders. 

Since that time, many of the archive boxes have begun to show signs of damage; due to use over time and the fact that they are, in some cases, overfull.  The collection itself has increased, thus now requiring additional storage.

We would like to apply for funding to replace the damaged boxes, and purchase some extra, so we can thin out the existing ones and safely file the new data.

We also require some additional acid free folders (that sit inside the boxes), more polyester folders for photographic storage and some large format polyester sleeves to accommodate unframed artwork.

Society/Archive Signage…

The Lustleigh Society committee has also identified the need for a banner, and a sign board, to hang on our gazebo at the Lustleigh Show so the public know who we are, and to hang outside the Village Hall when we hold talks and fundraising events. 

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