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Forever is well know as ‘The Aloe Vera Company’ providing high quality products for humans and animals, including drinks, and topical products. All come with a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

About Forever Living…

Founded in 1978, and operating in over 150 countries, Forever and its affiliates have become the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera and bee products in the world. Avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides, our patented stabilisation process ensures our aloe vera is essentially identical to the inner leaf gel. And because we are not dependent on any other supplier, we can guarantee the quality of our aloe.

The key to our success is therefore a commitment to quality and purity. We start with 100% inner gel, adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products. The versatility of this product means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin. Not tested on animals, the Forever collection is a testament to nature’s capacity to help us look and feel our best.

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Forever is hosted at Lustleigh Show by Cherry Hornsby, and you can find more information on Forever Living and Cherry by clicking on the links below:

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