10k Race Rules

(1) All racers agree to abide by the rules as laid down by the organisers.

(2) Runners will only take part if medically fit to run the whole distance. Runners who suffer from a medical condition, or have any concerns about their health should consult their doctor before taking part.

(3) Entry is at the runner’s own risk and organisers will be in no way responsible for any injury or illness incurred, or for any loss or damage to property caused by, or taking place during the event.

(4) The Lustleigh Show will use your data for the purposes of processing your entry, and will not pass this data on to any third party. If you do not wish to receive information about future events by email, indicate this at the time of registration.

(5) The race starts at 12pm in the Lustleigh Show Main Ring. All competitors must be at the start line for a briefing at 11.50am. Competitors not present at the briefing, or not at the start line in good time may be refused permission to race, with no refund given. Competitors should allow good time to arrive on site, as roads to the site may be congested, and parking may be up to fifteen minutes walk from the start line.

(6) All runners MUST wear their race number on the FRONT of their running vest or shirt. This number must not be covered, altered, or changed in any way.

(7) All runners from an affiliated club should wear their club colours.

(8) No personal stereos, MP3 players, or similar devices are permitted on this race. The race is partly run on public roads with no closure in place, and it is imperative that runners can hear traffic, and also hear marshals instructions or warnings.

(9) Runners are to obey instructions from race marshals, show stewards, and other officials at all times. Failure to follow instructions may result in disquailfication.

(10) When on roads, keep to the left hand side of the road, unless instructed otherwise by a marshal.

(11) The course is challenging, and covers a variety of terrains. Competitors must ensure they have suitable footwear. It is not suitable for wheelchairs.

(12) Runners are not permitted to be accompanied by anyone on a bicycle, scooter or other vehicle.

(13) Runners must not take dogs on the course with them (although dogs are welcome at the show, they must be left with a spectator)

(14) Runners should respect the environment, and the land owners, and must not drop litter anywhere on the course. Marshals will be happy to take charge of empty drinks bottles, and litter bins are provided at the designated drinks stations.