ZeezBeez – ‘using stuff that bees don’t need’

About ZeezBeez…

ZeezBeez is a small Devon business making hand crafted soaps, shampoo bars, lip balms, bath bombs, beeswax food wraps and honey (in season). Basically, we aim to use the ‘stuff our bees don’t need’. We love our bees and appreciate what they do for the environment and make sure they have all the honey they need to survive. We don’t feed them sugar syrup or subject them to chemicals and still manage to take a good crop of honey and recycle their old wax for use in our products.

We try and do our best for the planet such as using vegetable based alternatives to plastic, recycling packing material and have recently become certified as ‘Palm Oil Free’; some of our products are the first in the UK to be so. 

ZeezBeez is a “Plastic Free Champion”

More about ZeezBeez…

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