Vintage Silver Workshop

Unique jewellery from vintage silver – using a mix of antique and new silver finds.

About Julia Whitmarsh…

Working from my little workshop in our garden, I specialise in reworking old silver, designing and creating a unique collection of jewellery from vintage silver and French ‘Brocante’ finds.

We spend a lot of time scouring antiques fairs and the brocante markets of France hunting for unique, delicate and unusual old silver that has had a previous life and is in need of work to transform it into contemporary, easy-to-wear pieces of jewellery.

Every piece has a history and has its own story to tell, whether it was a simple salt spoon, a highly decorative serving piece from a French dessert set or perhaps links taken from a delicate watch chain or chatelaine.

The collection includes simple ear-studs that have been textured with vintage french buttons or chandelier pieces, rings and pendants formed from delicate little salt spoons, statement pieces incorporating finely pierced spoon-bowls, originally used for serving french hors d’oeuvres or glace fruits and bangles created from antique napkin rings or incorporating old silver charms.

Some pieces lend themselves to becoming cufflinks or pins, and others are paired with semi-precious stones. The key thing is that no two pieces ever end up being the same and each is a piece of ‘wearable history’.

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