Unity in Sound Community Choir

Unity in Sound Community Choir is a women’s choir based in Ipplepen. There are currently around 50 members, a mix of ages, life stages and backgrounds.

Leah Sanders was appointed as our Musical Director in 2016. She brings a wealth of music experience and a love of different styles (from African through to modern pop): but more than these an infectious energy, enthusiasm and belief that everyone has the gift of music within them. Her challenge is to unlock this gift in each of us and then combine our voices in harmony to make a unique, uplifting sound.

As well as enormous fun, singing with Unity in Sound brings a great sense of accomplishment, working together to produce music that both sounds good and makes us feel good. For many of us choir equals “me time” – time-out from work, childcare or other responsibilities. There’s a great sense of camaraderie – firm friendships have been formed and members have been helped through difficult times by the support and focus the choir provides.

Our aim is to grow our numbers. We’re a non-audition choir singing a range of different parts so there’s sure to be something to suit every voice. So whether you’re a total novice, rusty or an experienced singer, why not come and try Unity in Sound Community Choir out – we’d be delighted to see you.

Catch their unique sound on our Showtime stage at 11am.  

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