The Dartmoor Shepherd’s Lamb Shack

The Dartmoor Shepherd brings gourmet lamb dishes, made from native longwool rare breeds, raised in the Teign Valley and Chagford, and grown slowly for succulent flavour.

You can even meet the sheep if you visit the Lily Warne Wool stand!

About the Dartmoor Shepherd

The Dartmoor Shepherd is hitting the road this year and bringing the very best Dartmoor lamb to local shows and festivals for you to enjoy! Lewis

Lewis Steer, known as The Dartmoor Shepherd, is a young local lad dubbed the next Adam Henson by many.  He has featured alongside his ancient flocks of Greyface Dartmoor, Whiteface Dartmoor and Devon and Cornwall Sheep on the BBC, ITV and Cbeebies. be sure to tune into watch

Be sure to tune into watch him this spring when he features alongside Kate Humble on BBC One show Countryside Showdown, where a select few pioneering farmers across Britain have been followed by a film crew throughout their farming year. As a new entrant into Dartmoor

As a new entrant into Dartmoor farming, Lewis is farming with a real difference. His 400 strong flock has built up from the 3 sheep he had when he was 16 years old, and is made up entirely from rare breed Dartmoor sheep.

These breeds are often seen as commercially unviable, and The Dartmoor Shepherd is one of the only farmers in the country to run all three longwool breeds native to Dartmoor and Devon across his rented land throughout the Teign Valley and Chagford. He

He specialises in using 100% of his sheep retailing his sheepskin rugs online and in select high end stockists as well as using his flocks wool in his sister business Lily Warne Wool run by his mother Paula. Due to the traditional slow growing nature of his Dartmoor bred sheep he is able to produce superb tasting lamb that’s sold via a nationwide meatbox scheme and into the Pig at Combe Restaurant near Honiton. However

However through wanting to give everyone the opportunity to taste this superb Dartmoor Lamb produced from Dartmoor sheep grazed on local pastures and butchered at Haytor he has now hit the road bringing homemade gourmet lamb dishes to local shows for you to enjoy.

Find out more

Visit the Dartmoor Shepherd website.



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