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About Scotch Eggs…

Only the happiest of pigs and hens go into the production of our scotch eggs, born through careful hand-made mixing, shaping, coating, dunked in vegetable oil and lifted sizzling and bubbling into the world.

As they take their first breath of Devon country air, we let them cool slowly and just finish cooking to ensure they stay succulent and juicy as nature intended. All of our eggs share the same coating; don’t underestimate the power of the crumb! Gluten free and vegan of course have their own tailor-made coating. 

Traditional: Back to basics, timeless product with an original recipe, free range pork shoulder, our own blend of spices, herbs, rusk and seasoning, we’ve tried very hard to keep the natural pork flavour coming through with every bite/allow the flavour of the pork to show through with the complimentary seasoning. By far our most popular egg, and has been for the past five years, we have no doubt this tried and tested recipe will continue to please everybody who tries one – the jewel in our baker’s crown.

Gluten Free: Cater for all needs, a celiac’s dream. We’ve tried to replicate our most popular traditional scotch egg here, with everybody in mind. Free from all sources of gluten, this egg is every celiac’s dream without compromising on the original flavour. This is an egg that will keep the stomach happy as well as the tastebuds! For peace of mind all these eggs are put through the fryers first and with new oil, but are very much made in the same kitchen as the rest of the gang.

Vegetarian: Creative, fruity, spicy, keep the tastebuds keen and zipping. Our magic mixture of beans and pulses keep the crowds coming back for more. Most certainly not just for the vegetarians, this is an egg for everybody. Unbelievably tasty and just as heavenly cold as warmed back up again, we won’t claim this egg will turn you vegetarian but be warned nonetheless! I am Veggie Egg Rich and sweet creative mix. Taste my deep delights.

Garlic & Herb: For all the garlic lovers out there, too much garlic is just never enough! We’ve taken our free range pork shoulder and added fresh herbs with a generous helping of garlic, keeping Italian porchetta in mind when creating this egg. The perfect vampire defence, keep the kissing to a minimum after eating…

Black Pudding: Rich stout and hearty, marbled, earthy, umami. Early on we knew there was only one way to go in creating the black pudding scotch egg, and that was to use the very best Scotland has to offer. We use Charles Macleod Stornoway puddings which are internationally recognised and are listed as having Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. Deep, rich and full of flavour this hearty arrangement of marbled pork is one of our most popular flavours, embodying the very spirit of the rugged Scottish Hebridean islands it comes from. I be black pudding. Marvel at my marbled flesh. Heavy and intense.

Pork & Apple: Sweet, perfect match, made with scrumpy not water! Here we’ve adapted our traditional scotch egg with the only difference being swapping water for scrumpy and adding dried Bramley apples to really compliment the pork flavour. A sweeter egg, we’re unsure of its alcoholic volume so wouldn’t recommend driving after half a dozen.

Chilli: If you like it hot, only habaneros, take care, if you think you can handle it hot, not for the faint hearted. Inspired by our friends at the Clifton Chilli Club, we’ve gone for flavour as well as heat. Chillies have a great flavour and combining habaneros for heat with chorizo spices we feel we’ve really captured the heart and soul of this fruit. This really shows through in the chilli scotch egg, and it’s only really a subtle smack in the mouth… If spices get you going Amateur chilli fan or long-time expert, just don’t underestimate me.

Vegan: Devon’s first, trendsetter, cater for all, healthy, zero animal products, is this is the future of food? Inspired, Asia meets Devon, sensing an obvious gap in the market we’ve taken our veggie egg and veganised it using soya milk in the breadcrumb and marinated tofu in place of the egg. Some may call this sacrilegious, but we prefer the term trendsetting. Launched at the start of 2020, it’s already had an amazing response, look out for this one at Devon’s finest food festivals.

Seasonal offering: Throughout the year we have a different seasonal scotch egg. The best way to keep track of this is to head on over to our facebook page and see what’s on this time of year.

At the show our award winning Scotch eggs will be sold individually or as part of our freshly made salad tray meal.

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