Steve Dagleish – “Utterly lovely, like an angrier Nick Drake”

Catch their unique sound on our Showtime stage at 3pm.

Hull-born, London resident Steve Dagleish played his first guitar in the late sixties, listening to songsmiths Drake & Dylan and pickers Jansch, Graham & Martyn. By the mid-seventies, he ‘could’ have earned a BSc [Physics] from Imperial College, London and been halfway through a doctorate at M.I.T. Instead, he had played his first acoustic guitar [hollering Neil Young songs and a few early originals] around the fringe clubs in Kensington & Chelsea for a year, played his first  [disastrous] gig at Roehampton Folk Club, ‘dropped out’ of academia and into a corporate career. 

“Steve Dagleish is a wonderful, engaging performer who combines all the skills of the best singer songwriters.”  

Trevor Lloyd , Songwriters Circle Radio Show, 10 Radio  

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