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Vegan soap, shampoo bars for humans and dogs, lip balms and deodorants

About Soap & Pamper…

Hello, my name is Debs and I make vegan soap, shampoo bars for humans and dogs, lip balms and deodorants from my kitchen in Plymouth. All ingredients are natural, skin loving, palm oil free and do not contain synthetics of any sort. This includes the scents which are created with essential oils and any colour is gained using herbs and spices. This means my soaps and shampoos smell and look natural as well as being natural. The soaps and shampoo bars are wrapped in brown paper and secured with an ingredients label and a paper ribbon making them look like small parcels. I do not use plastic tape or any form of plastic in my packaging. I also have novelty soaps in shapes such as insects, dinosaurs and paws which are not wrapped.

Another product range I make and sell are deodorants. Again these are made with natural ingredients and scented with odour busting essential oils. They are very popular as an alternative to using antiperspirants which contain aluminium. The deodorants are carefully packaged in biodegradable cardboard tubes. Ingredients labels are on the tube.

The fourth product I make and sell are lip balms. These are ‘flavoured’ using essential oils so there are no synthetic flavours such as bubble gum, instead natural flavours such as orange, lime and peppermint.

To accompany my products I sell some bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, massage oils, exfoliating bags & natural sponges. These sit alongside the hand made wash cloths & make up remover pads which I crochet.

My products are suitable for all budgets with a soap bar costing a mere £4.95 and gift boxes ranging from £7.50 to £30. These include various products gift wrapped with ribbon or scarves.

All my packaging is ‘green’. I use recycled brown paper and ribbon, when possible from the scrap store, to wrap each soap. This results in less landfill and the money I pay to them goes to local community projects. I do not use plastic packaging.

All my handmade cosmetic items have been safety tested, as required by law, and are registered with the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). This is a new post Brexit requirement which means I am fully compliant and licenced to sell my products.

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