Saskia Griffiths-Moore is a contemporary folk singer, blending simple acoustic songs with modern moods, melodies and meanings, and has been performing full time on the folk and acoustic circuit for three years, singing at folk clubs, theatres and festivals alike.

Saskia’s authentic sound has found her featured on twice on Sky Television (2017, 2018), and her newest single ‘All For You’ (distributed by UMG) is currently receiving regular BBC play across the country. The young, Baez-esque, singer-songwriter of the folk world returns year round to stage after stage to put on creative live performances nationally and internationally, and, for her sins, has been awarded Arts Council funding three times for her UK wide tours.

She’ll be on our Lustleigh Showtime stage at 1pm.

Saskia says…

I write acoustic songs that are a little too meaningful to be pop, and a little to contemporary to be folk.

Music gets in to you. I always sang, always, but in the course of my adult life I made a decision to perform for my living, and quit my job on the spot. That decision was tied in with a number of ideas about creativity, and what each person can contribute to our culture, and so far this is the best and most joyful path I could have taken.

Find out more…

Visit Saskia’s website

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