Sarah Holder Ceramics

Sarah Holder ceramics offers a range of unique, handmade, and beautiful ceramics, including sculptural pieces, bowls, and vases.  All her work is inspired by the Devon landscape.

Sarah Holder says…

I create individual decorative sculptural pieces and smaller bowls, dishes and vases inspired by the Devon landscape around where I live and my garden.

I make intuitively and loosely with a general idea but let the clay dictate the ultimate form it takes. I like it to look hand made retaining some spontaneity which I then embellish. I glaze to emphasise the clay’s surface textures and decorative surfaces.

Ceramics for me, is a constant wrestle with hopes and reality. There are so many variables in the process I try to think of everything that comes out of the kiln as a success. It’s a metaphor for life really, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s disappointing and sometimes it’s surprisingly good!

My work is always evolving as I experiment with materials and glazes but I primarily use white earthenware, paperclay, and commercial dinnerware safe glazes.

A maker of things

I have always been a maker of things.

As a child I made mud pots and pots out of left over cement from my father’s DIY projects. Some still survive today along with pieces I made at school and various evening classes. However I took a circuitous route into Ceramics. I started off gaining a BA (Hons) Design (Textiles) at University of Plymouth (SCAT)

However I took a circuitous route into Ceramics. I started off gaining a BA (Hons) Design (Textiles) at University of Plymouth (SCAT) graduating in 1993 but after some work experience in the Northcott theatre prop shop I knew my interests were more 3D than 2D. There I made diverse objects from a fake cut throat razor to a giant urn with equally diverse materials. I met my New Zealand born husband and moved to New Zealand with a desire to work in Pottery. I found work in a small pottery near Nelson, where I learnt about slip cast pottery, making garden planters.

We then moved to Dunedin where I worked as a wig maker and I studied a BFA majoring in Ceramics at Otago Polytech. It hasn’t been until fairly recently when we returned to the UK that I have been able to devote my full attention to my ceramics work.

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