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Oakcroft is a small family-run farm in West Devon, dedicated to producing top quality meat in a way that is both welfare friendly and environmentally sensitive.

About Oakcroft…

At Oakcroft we transform our home grown meat into a variety of tasty sausages and dry cured bacon. We also bring our ever popular fresh baked small raised pies, sausage rolls and very special pasties. We can be found at local farmers’ markets, shows and other food events.

Our animals are farmed and processed in a traditional, non-intensive manner, and are all fed on a natural additive-free diet. We mix the animal feed ourselves from locally grown crops to suit our old fashioned breeds, and do not use growth promoters or routine antibiotics. We believe in farming with slow-grown traditional breeds of animal, because it is better both for the welfare of the animals and unbeatable flavour and succulence.

We never buy in meat from other producers – all our meat is from home grown animals. This means that our supply is subject to seasonal change and variety, as a traditionally managed farm should be, and that you can be assured that you are always buying genuine home-grown produce.

This is a purely family-run business, so we can guarantee that when you buy from us at your local Farmers’ Market you will be speaking to someone who has been directly involved in the process, from birth right through to the end product you see on the stall.

The proof of quality is always in the tasting and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed: our meats come highly recommended by the very best of judges – our customers!

More about Oakcroft…

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