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Hanging Tiles and Other Wall Tiles

About Mark…

After gaining a BA (Hons) in Ceramics at Bristol, I’ve enjoyed success as a costume jewellery designer, stone carver and sculptor, working with wood, stone and resins.

My inspiration comes from the natural world as well as my passion for art across eras, civilisations and forms.

At the heart of it all is my ongoing love of clay. It’s what drives me as a craftsman, giving me joy and purpose every day.

Now it Works…

Hanging Tiles

I start by hand-carving a clay model which I then mould and reproduce using frostproof sand and cement, before setting a sturdy galvanised hook into the back of the tile for hanging on a wall or fence. I hand paint each piece with a permanent acid stain which etches the surface, making the tile weatherproof.

There are always colour variations depending on moisture levels and temperature and this makes the process more interesting and the finished tile unique.

Other Wall Hangings

These wall-hangings are a growing collection of larger designs. They include candle holders that will hold a large tea light candle (5cm dia).

More about Mark Morel…

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