Liz Foster Engraving

Liz Foster Engraving offer a range of hand engraved glassware items which make brilliant gifts, commemorative items, or just beautiful glassware for your home.

Liz Foster says…

I have engraved glassware by hand for over fifteen years.

I use various shapes of glass, such as tumblers, tankards, wine glasses, clocks, paper weights, candle holders and vases.

I engrave bespoke designs and sports, plants, animals, birds, trains, planes, cars, buses and farming machinery.

I studied arts and crafts in London, then moved to the Namib desert, and spent several years selling my glassware at some of the main craft fairs in Cape Town.

I returned in 2017, and exhibit at fairs in Devon, Somerset, and Dorset. I am a member of the Mid Devon Crafts Guild. Pictures of my work and workroom can be seen on my website.

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Visit the Liz Foster Engraving website

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