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Indigo Ocean is a sea of amazing hand-made crafts!  Browse their mosaics, or their products made with local maps of Devon, or even their wooden plaques and pegs.

Indigo Ocean say…

I love crafting, and everything I sell on my stall is handmade by me. A few years ago I did a mosaic course which inspired me to have a go at home, so off I went to the recycling centre in Newton Abbot to find some pottery and china. It didn’t matter if it was cracked or chipped because I was only going to smash it up. I think the more decorative and colourful the china is, the better my mosaic hearts and mirrors look.

As I became more confident I started to add beads, sea glass, pebbles, jewellery and other bits and bobs. No two mosaic pieces are ever the same, I just like to create!

I also make coasters using maps local to Devon as well as other decorated papers such as old books, wrapping paper and wallpaper. These coasters have proved very popular.

Local maps also look good in picture frames with added letter captions. You can also find these on my stall. I also love to sew and make colourful and unusual bunting, especially for camper van enthusiasts.

On my stall, you will also find wooden plaques, with pegs to hang children’s schoolwork. I also sell painted stones, always popular with

I also sell painted stones, always popular with the children.

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