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About the Fosy…

The Fosy Helmetband is an interchangeable accessory which turns any helmet ‘From Drab to Fab in Seconds!’

About us…

Fosy (formerly fosi) creator Barbara Lees has been skiing since she was a teenager. She has worked as a ski instructor (more of a hobby) but has a strong business background, having run several small businesses for many years and worked in a variety of business support roles in the higher education sector.

“It is only in recent years that I have become more safety conscious.  I am fortunate never to have had a head injury whilst skiing but I am now only too aware of the dangers, having been witness to some nasty accidents.  And of course, we all know the sad story of Natasha Richardson, who may possibly have been alive today if she had been wearing a helmet.  Even so, I am ashamed to say that I only started wearing a helmet a few years ago when, having taken up snowboarding, I was taking painful nose dives far too often!  If I am honest, the main reason I didn’t wear one was pure vanity.  I had a selection of stylish hats in which I felt good and found helmets to be most unflattering.  So, faced with the need to wear one, I set about making my helmet more aesthetically pleasing and hence the Fosi collection was born.

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