Moor Elements

Beautifully Designed Jewellery and Pebble Pictures Handmade on Dartmoor.

More about Moor Elements…

My name is Fi McKnight and I design and make semi precious, cork and leather jewellery, pebble pictures and candles on Dartmoor.

For many years I have enjoyed stones, whether it is pebbles on the beach or semi precious jewels. It all started with my Mum, Marion, who had a keen interest in geology and finding semi precious stones in the countryside. We lived in Scotland and there are many different stones that can be found on walks, including amethyst, garnet, agate, carnelian and geodes along with fossils which is another interest of mine.

I used to make jewellery when I was at school and really enjoyed making earrings for myself. About 12 years ago I decided to put my love of semi precious stones and jewellery together. I started off doing small events and fairs and have built up to bigger events and I am now online with an Etsy shop and a shop on The British Craft House.

Over the years, I have diversified into making cork and leather jewellery, pebble pictures, painted pebbles and candles. I am continuing to design new jewellery and pictures and will continue to do so in my workshop on Dartmoor.

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