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About the Cornish Flapjack Shack….

Cornish Flapjack Shack is a family run and owned business, by us, Neil and Zara (with the help of our two young children, who you will often see helping at events).

 For years our dream was to move to Cornwall and in early 2018 that dream came true and we moved from Cambridgeshire to Cornwall. Before we moved we regularly made flapjacks for friends and family and was constantly getting asked to make more, Flapjack Fridays became a regular thing at Neils work. Turning the flapjacks into a business was always something we talked about, after receiving some great reviews, but Cambridgeshire just didn’t seem to provide the ambience and environment we wanted to turn this into reality.

Once settled into our new surroundings and feeling happy we could give this a real go, we decided it was time to launch our flapjack business and Cornish Flapjack Shack was born.

Our first public appearance was at a local fete and was met with an amazing response, with lots of follow up messages for people wanting us to attend their markets and supply their cafes. Each market and fete we attended was met with equally welcoming responses and within just the first month we had started to build up a following on social media, local business were recognising us and customers were leaving great reviews.

Not only do we regularly attend local markets and fetes but we also send hand packed boxes to customers all around the country, so whether it is just a little treat, a special occasion or a gift we can help, I mean, who doesn’t like getting a parcel of goodness through the post?

We are enthusiastic about being as environmentally friendly as possible and supporting our local businesses. This is why we aim to eliminate single use plastic within our packaging and everyday use.

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