Cheryl Tipple-Trepat Art

Whimsical Animal, Character and Nature Art

About Cheryl Tipple-Trepat Art…

My stall is full of things that I have made myself. It is a natural-looking set up with wooden racks and boxes of greetings cards and prints, woven baskets of handmade animals, an old leather suitcase full of bargains and real tree branches which things hang from. It is quite magical!

My work is a mix of media: framed pieces, both original and prints; unframed prints; greetings cards; soft animals made from wool and framed original miniature paintings. Much of it is of animals – fun, colourful, whimsical and quirky characters, sometimes with messages – although sometimes it will be of or include humans, flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables. Everything is made from either watercolour painting, printmaking, textiles or collage – digital or torn paper – the techniques of which I either learned at Art College or taught myself.

Care of the environment and the natural world are incredibly important to me so one of things I try to do is to keep all of my packaging as eco-friendly as possible. I use only paper bags and Kraft presentation boxes with tissue paper wrapping. When selling a big picture with real glass, I might use recycled bubble wrap if the customer needs more protection for it. My greetings cards are printed on FSC card stock with vegetable inks, and my frames are made of real wood by trusted picture framers and I always use real glass rather than acrylic alternatives. My woollen animals are made from recycled wool – either knitted or sewn from upcycled jumpers.

Showgoers are welcome in under the cover to spend time perusing and having a chat if they so wish. I am very happy to talk about any of the processes I use in making my work and very much enjoy interacting with the public.

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