Butternut Box

The modern way to feed your dog.

Putting the food back into dog food….

There’s no better diet for your dog than a natural one, made up of the finest and freshest ingredients.

Calorie controlled diets can help with digestion, weight management and any health conditions they might have. Plus, watch that tail go wild at meal times!

It all began with a dog that couldn’t stop farting….

The Butternut story began five years ago with a visit to the Battersea Dogs Home website. Dave, one of our founders, was browsing pictures of the resident dogs with his family, when they spotted a Staffie that they fell in love with at first sight.
  • Currently, most of the UK’s mass-produced dog food is made up of a hodgepodge of waste products, mystery fillers and preservatives that ensure a shelf life longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This has led to millions of dogs in millions of households suffering due to their poor diet.
  • We wanted to help change that – working alongside vet nutritionists, we created four different meals that contain just the right mix of top-notch ingredients. Our mission’s far from over, but we’re making great progress. Fussy eaters are gobbling down meals and dogs with regularly upset stomachs are showing, shall we say, a solid improvement.

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