Bread of Devon

Bread of Devon is a family bakery, offering high quality savoury and sweet baked goods, and speciality breads like wheat, rye, and spelt.

Bread of Devon say…

Our bread is available at Farmers’ Markets throughout Devon and in select shops and restaurants.

All our breads are hand-made from organic flours and other locally sourced, organic and/or finest quality ingredients. The doughs ‘prove’ twice before baking, contain no ‘improvers’ and only low quantities of salt and sugar. We bake a wide range of plain, savoury, seed and sweet loaves using wheat, rye and spelt flours. Our soda breads are yeast free. Those wishing to avoid or minimise wheat gluten can enjoy our 100% rye and 100% spelt breads.

As our business has grown we have moved out of the family kitchen into a small bakery which we have developed at Stoke Canon. We aim to produce bread that is always of the highest quality. To this end we welcome and value feedback and/or ideas for new flavours.

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