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The Stanley Smartpants Stories by Alexander Martin

Alexander says…

I write and self publish children’s novels, which seem to appeal to adults just as much as children. They are hilarious detective stories in which all the characters are cats. When reading the stories you would think of them as human beings since they do everything we do, driving cars, using mobile phones, eating fish and chips with a knife and fork etc. In simple terms the books are a vehicle for humour, and feature jokes and plenty of word play.

For example the characters eat at Cat-Tucky Fried Chicken or Catdonalds, listen to the Red Hot Chilly Cats on their iphones and buy their clothes at TK Cats. The books have been incredibly successful, and are enjoyed equally by boys and girls, unusual for a book written for children.

The stories are set in Torbay – the fictional town of Cat-Haven-on-Sea is based on Paignton. There are four books in the series and the fifth is on the way. My unique footprint is that I encourage children to submit jokes and cat related ideas, as well as design the outfits that the main character, Stanley Smartpants, wears throughout the stories, including the outfit on the front cover of each book. Those children whose ideas I use are given a credit at the front of the book. These full length novels are priced at £8.99 each.

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