Adventure Clydesdale

Clydesdale Heavy Horse

These magnificent Clydesdale Horses will be performing in the Main Ring at Lustleigh Show.

You will also be able to ask Adventure Clydesdale about these horses, and see them close up when they are not demonstrating.

About Adventure Clydesdale & their Horses

In our changing world, many breeds, including the Clydesdale, have lost their purpose as agriculture has moved on, but we at Adventure Clydesdale can demonstrate to you that these wonderful heavy horses still have a role in the modern world as very special riding horses, which inspire confidence in their riders as they stride out through the countryside.

They are very heart warming to work with and we spend our lives now with these big friendly giants, taking people for rides out in our beautiful countryside as well as schooling them to improve their ability. Their adaptability as a breed, we believe is second to none, and their ability as a riding horse earns a living for them thereby enabling their continued existence as a breed.

 We are based at Brimpts Farm near Dartmeet, in Dartmoor National park. Our aim for this summer is to continue establishing our trail rides in the South West both on Dartmoor and beyond.

We are also working towards showing off the horses in their original role as draught animals and will be starting work around the farm in harness.

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