Where the money goes

The Lustleigh Village Show is a non-profit organisation, and is run by volunteers.  Your money is used to run the show, and to benefit local charities and non-profit organisations.

The show is costly to put on, and most of the money taken goes directly to putting on the show.   Costs include tents, generator, traffic signs, medical cover, public address systems, and much more.

Despite rising costs, we have managed to keep our prices low, and aim to produce a surplus in good years.

Any surplus made by the show is donated to local good causes, and we have donated tens of thousands of pounds in recent years.

Local causes funded in 2020

Here are some of the local causes which have been funded by the Lustleigh Show.

The Village Hall – Lustleigh

Most, if not all, village activities sooner or later use the Village Hall for one purpose or another with the

The Lustleigh TT

Not so fast, but decidedly as competitive, the Lustleigh Badminton & Table Tennis Club required additional equipment to meet members

Restoring the Mayday Rock

As many villagers, and no doubt visitors, will have noticed, many of the names on the Mayday Rock are becoming

Lustleigh Cricket Club get help towards changing rooms

The Lustleigh Show has helped to support Lustleigh Cricket Club over many years in their quest towards providing better facilities

Lustleigh (HG 1944) Rifle Club

The Lustleigh (Home Guard 1944) Rifle Club, to give it’s full name, traces its origins back to 1944 and continues

Lustleigh Archives – preserving Willmead Farm Documents.

The Archives of Lustleigh, located in the Old Vestry, provides an important insight into the development of a village situated

Keeping LADS on the road

About LADS… The Lustleigh Association of Drivers (LADS) are a volunteer group of some 20 Lustleigh residents, who help provide

Lustleigh Music Society bring culture to the village

The Lustleigh Music Society has a history of putting on high-quality concerts in the village, and particularly the village hall.

New storage and furniture for the Orchard Preschool

The Show has contributed funds towards the purchase of new storage and learning furniture for the indoor setting, held in
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